Sunday, August 19, 2007

So I lied..... (aka Back to the DR # 3, July 2007 - Aug 2007)

And there i was...... lying.
The look in his eyes made me do it. That hardworking Haitian kid who could talk the hip-hop talk. But, how could i destroy that image.

The image of a better life in NYC - better appreciation of life. His question was simple. In spanish and to the point. And innocent

"There in New York, in Brooklyn- that's where all the black people never kill one another- and rally against any racism or injustice."

How could i kill that picture. I didnt have the heart to tell him that NYC was yet another place in this basket we call USA where black on black crime is not a rarity, its expected.
How could i take away his inspiration to leave this home and go there, so he could help those back in the island.

"Yeah, yo tengo mucho friends there in Brrrooklyn. Tu vives in Queens, verdard?"

It was a sad thought- that in my own country- where we know about our history, we have those doing the job FOR the KKK and all those in favor of 'em.

3 weeks in and I'm settling in nicely. I regret not logging down what happened back in this island from Sept 06 to Jan 07. But will do my best to recap in the next few posts. Bear with me, the Rat B. is back.