Tuesday, August 22, 2006

May - Aug 2006- Been back in NYC

I've been back in NYC since the first week of May. First day to be exact. In May i'd went dancing at the Latin Quarters (famous NYC club) and gotten my Salsa on a bit, along with Bachata y Merengue (!!).
It took a while to get used to answering in English, funny enough.

I hit my one year loc-anniversary on May 7th. A definite acheivement for me. They really do become a part of you and i can NOW understand what all the fuss is about. Although my family hates them, the outside world loves them, so i tend to hang around outsiders to get that love i would want from home, on that subject that is.

I spent most of my time looking for work, going on interviews, etc. the twin sister of my best friend Jah got married, and soon after she had a baby girl in June.

June came in, and with it came my birthday on the 25th. CANCER Season!!!!! Close encounters with my Ex brought distant memories to fruition.

July brought Independence days and the return of my old rhyme partner to the C.U.L.T. Team, QCN/Q. Silver. I added Shaun CRÓNARI to the beginning of my pen-name, signifying all the change i'd recently been through, the cronic studying, cronic dreaming, cronic solitude, and the all around secret agent in me (think: Cronnery, Sean) LOL - new album coming soon!

I also began a temp position as an office mgr/Site asst., slated to end the last day of August.

At that point i began to run into many opportunities where my spanish was needed. I decided to teach ESL on the side again, volunteering. Met a wonderful 22 yr old woman named Barbara who'd just gotten back from Frnace, doing the same thing i did, but with French. She is my co-teacher for a "basic 2" class.

August... On the 14th of August i had to return to the DR for an interview. I flew out that Sunday night, with help of Kay, a Trini friend since highschool, who worked at the airlines nowadays.
I landed around 3:30am in Santiago, and by cab, reached Sosua around 5am. I crashed for a few hours at a former neighbors apt, then off to my interview at 10am.

I arrived at the school. Parents were in the outdoor lobby with their children, glimmers of hope on their face for a better education then they were being offered in the public system. An hour later I was sitting in fron of Gloria, the Director, and John, the Prez.

In our last sit down, I address all my concerns to Gloria, and was under the impression things would go smooth this time.
So they let me know, in no uncertain terms, i was the pick for the new teaching position. They told me they need me. Told me they could use someone with a passion for language... and then told me... in order to be finally accepted, i would have to cut off my LOCS.
Was i hearing correctly. Did i not ask about this in April????

Gloria assured me that she had no problems with it, but the Prez wants to follow the old Dominican Standards (read: Anti-Haitain). I was on fire. Mad that is.
Here i was in the DR, spent so much to get there, only to hear THAT! You could have told me that on the phone!!!!!!
Well, not being one to waste a day or be pessimistic, i decided to look at some apartments. I found one on my old street in a house i'd barely seen before, and i liked that about it! It costed fully HALF of my old rent, with just a tad less space. No balcony, but a LARGE backyard, and no pool in fornty, but a PC with Internet included. Needless to say i was ecstatic, you can't find deals like this in this part of town, and certainly not advertised. Knowing people down here got me the connection. It pays to network people!

So I've since decided to try to go for 2 or 3 more months, without the new job, and create my own classes, sort of like last time. Just more! I need the time to perfect my spanish more.

Flew back to NYC that night. Yup! One day trip. Got back home. My parents had left a week earlier for their fisrt trip to Europe (France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, etc.) so i had to wait a week before i could ask advice or tell them my plans, buti finally got to, and they gave their blessings (as if they could tell me no HA :P- sorry Dad!).

Since then, the 20th of August has passed and my last days at this job are here. If they do not request me to stay for longer, I'm surely out in September for the DR!!!!! Right after my ESL classes finish out.

Hey maybe i should do this every year?!!!!!!!!!!...... :)

Only time will tell..................



At 2:58 PM, Anonymous KB Nau said...

Dude it is KB Nau
I can not seem to get in touch with you.
The trifedr @.....
does not seem to work drop me a line summer is almost over!!!!AAAAAH!!

At 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi trife...im a new friend you met in august, while temping in the wallstreet area. no not the 22yr old... more like the 30yr old lol..just dropped by to finally check out your blogspot.. a lil disappointed nothing recent has been posted about your first month out there (sept) last time we spoke you had alot going on!! hope to hear from you soon.. muah!

At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well whats happening guy!! came to check you and still nothing new.. things must really be popping!!!!talk to you soon.

At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure you're really in the DR? You have not updated not once. I miss you though. :)

At 11:05 AM, Blogger EclectikSoul said...

Thanks for blessing my spot. You're a true inspiration. I'll be checking in with you from time to time. Hopefully you'll do the same.....

At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Odalis said...

Hey, loving the blogs. I was put on to you by your youtube follower "mfldeastcoastladies" she basically told me you lived in DR for a few years and that you seem to really care for the people and the island. Like you I was also a non-native living in DR from 2001 to 2004. I am married to a wonderful and beautiful D.R. Chica. I am a dark skin Puerto Rican and I tell ya that Puerto Ricans in P.R. (hate to say this) are extremely racist. To the point where dark skin P.R. Are isolated in Loiza, Carolina, Vega Baja, etc. You would be surprise to know that there are any blacks there because tourist spots only have "white PR" all around. I say all that to say this: In D.R. I felt at home. People were great and didn't hassle me at all. I could pass for a Haitian easily. Their beef with Haitians is more historical. The world seems to think that Haitians were nice to them but I've read on the slaughters. Hopefully one day they'll get past all that. What I'm trying to say that aside from what we know as "anti-haitianismo" there is deep historical conflict. I have locs too. It's actially kinda popular in the D.R. Capital right now. Sorry you had to cut yours off. The ish crazy! You are a fantastic blogger. Will tune in.

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Odalis said...

OMG, my friend pointed out how bad my spanish really is! I want to make a correction if I may. I meant to say "CHICO" not "CHICA" I am straight not gay. Not saying anything bad about gay people but you know what I mean, lol. (Embarrassed) hopefully we will read more of your blogs. Take care.

At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Millie said...

I really want to do what you're doing, teaching ESL to Dominicans. I just need to work on my Spanish. I can't wait for more of your blogs!!


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