Thursday, April 20, 2006

April> Prepping to leave, Semana Santa (Easter Week), New music

For Easter i shot out to San Fran, to meet up with my sis-in-law's parents. It was a blast, even just to be able to communicate better than i could the last time i saw the San Fran fam, for New Years. Lots of food, drinks, and of course the Dominican tradition of Habichuelas Dulce (Sweet Beans). Its a concoction that tastes better than it sounds. Its more like a drinkable desert, but i dont want to call it soup, because its sweet as hell, like instant oatmeal with sugar.

The week before i went there, i bumped up with an MC named Levi (Leh- Vee), who had a very good music voice and enough Hip-Hop songs and videos on his PC to classify him a Hip-Hop head. He lives in Maranata, the south part of Sosua, and is the neighbor of A. Summaz. A. actually lives with a Dominican family who have become my second fam away from home. More on them later. So Levi, A. Summaz and I headed out one Sunday to Monte Llano to a guy named DJ Anthony's house. To my surprise he had FruitLoops, a PC program i'd recorded on in NYC. He threw on some beats, a few hours later we emerged with a new song. It came out good and even A. had to rap on it after he heard us all. 2 other guys, Nata, and Aridi-O hopped on the track and so its a lot of English and Spanish thrown together in a hot way. The producer wanted to mix it down, so i hadnt had a copy. When i got back from San Fransisco, i went to Summaz crib and as i walk down the block, what do i hear, none other than our song basting at club level in the hood. Felt good. Especially now that the kids over there are singing it like its on radioplay.
Recording in another country has now made me feel officially official in this rap ish and i can't wait to get back and knock out some new material.

The reverse countdown begins...



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