Saturday, February 18, 2006

.....On vacation in NYC....!!

Faster than a speeding pellet out of Cheney's gun.......

I'm back in New York in a flash.
Lights all around me,
cops who surround me.
It's all the same game and nothing has changed. All except me and the way i feel strange.
Stranger anyways....
but its good to be back.

Shortly after adjusting from 80 to 30 degrees, quite unwillingly, i sat down with my father in my parent's house and had a nice traditional American breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon and toast. My usual nowadays being Yuca (Cassava) with fried eggs or chuletas. Mom was at work.
I'm only here shortly, handling things. Seeing newborns. Seeing my loc-lady. Hugging family.

Speaking about family, my OTHER big news about my brother Dre': He got engaged this past Wednesday!!!!!!
So him the beautifully Southern Fried Vanessa gon go an' git hitched shawty!!!!

That leaves just one us 3 brothers left........ ME! Catch me if you can ladies LOL
Just kidding!
No really, those in the know, know i was pretty close to that myself last year... but things trangress, and i digress....

New York:
I've been here for only 8 hours... and tired of English that fast... and hungry. I keep having to stop myself from responding to everyone in Spanish.

One funny thing about the airports down there is I slid past like 3 or 4 security checkpoints with my carry without even trying to purposely do it, but i get held up at the last on for having an older face than in my passport. Now i know i'm looking different with the locs as my hair now but sheesh, you might of thought the Customs Officer spotted Osama Bin Laden. He looked no less than 10 times back and forth between me and my passport (longer than one second each), with a face like he was either working out a formula to turn plaintains into hydrogen fuel, or taking a really big dump. Or maybe both. Then he asked me for "other i.d." Upon receiving this he looked even MORE perplexed, mumbled something in Martian, and then proceeded to wave me thru.

New York:
Undercover cops eye me as i go to the bank, i wonder if they know their kids copy my style. Cornerstanders peep me wondering where i've been, i wonder if they know its not in jail. Same ole stuff. My mother came home and we got to buss it up for a few like we do. Planned to visit the new baby, my brother's wife and fam tomorrow. My brother actually stopped by coincidentally, too, so altogether i'm feeling content.

I miss the disorderly slop that they call a roadway and the deathbikes they call moto-conchos. Walking seems further here in the York city, possibly because my face fell off in the wind earlier.

I finally have a chance to put up some photos, so make sure and keep an eye here and on my photo blog as well.

Within the week... speak to ya soon.



At 10:55 AM, Anonymous nappilymi said...

Ok,so your feeling the way I felt when I when back to NY after being in GA for only a few months. It's like I missed it, but at the same time, I got tired of all the concrete, and I missed all the trees and the fresh air, and that southern hospitality. I'll always have that feeling of nostalgia for NY, but I don't think I can go back.

But anyhoo, enjoy your time, and if you can send me some jamaican beef patties from Gig young bakery. LOL

At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Nique said...

cool picture


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